Top 10 Reasons to Launch Your Amazon Products with Facebook Chatbots - Skyrocket Your Sales.

Updated: Apr 23, 2019

The top 2 questions we get asked the most is how to increase sales and reviews on Amazon. These are very important things that every Amazon seller should look to constantly improve in order to run a successful and profitable Amazon business. One of the best ways that we’ve found to address both questions is external traffic.

External traffic is literally an infinite source of potential customers you can tap into at any moment. When we begin an Amazon product launch campaign we use Facebook ads & chatbots to drive traffic to Amazon products. In our opinion, Facebook chatbots are the best thing to happen to Amazon sellers since sliced bread.

Reason 1: Real organic traffic (Avoid the hijacker plague)

In the past 12 months, Amazon sellers experienced a review and hijacker apocalypse. Most giveaway services launch your products to an existing pool of buyers and odds are, they are doing retail arbitrage. What does that mean? It means people are joining these giveaway service deal site in order to buy products at deep discounts in order to resell them on your listing. Yikes! Nothing will hurt a new product launch more than having hijackers piggyback on your listing and driving the price down!

That's where our Amazon launch solution comes to the rescue! At ZonRush we exclusively use Facebook Messenger Chatbots to market your products to REAL organic buyers! All the buyers we target with Facebook chatbots genuinely want your product on Amazon and will practically demand that you take their money.

Reason 2: Real Reviews -

To further touch on the point mentioned above most sellers that have used some of the older Amazon product launch services saw most of their product reviews completely wiped out. So why did Amazon wipe millions of reviews? Well, it's simple really, Amazon has their customers best interest in mind and a lot of Amazon sellers were abusing the deep discount giveaway just to get more reviews.

Over the years Amazon finally caught on to these “discount only buyers” and tracked their profiles and wiped their reviews. Crazy, but true. Our solution has been simple, target real audiences from Facebook! On Facebook, we've collected and analyzed a vast amount of data, from thousands of different audiences. We virtually a laser targeted audience reports for just about every major niche that have been refined specifically for Amazon product launches. And because our audiences & targeting process is so incredibly refined our Facebook Chatbot funnels convert like crazy!

As an Amazon seller, reviews are the lifeblood of your business. So getting reviews and getting them quickly is crucial when your product is at its early stages. Since chatbots have such a high open rate compared to standard email campaigns getting reviews is that much easier as you no longer have to work with 2% open rates. Chatbots on average have a whopping 80% open rate. When you plug those numbers into your business you will quickly see the value of using our Facebook chatbot Amazon product launch service.

Reason 3: Most Amazon Launch Services Use The Same Pool of Buyers -

Now there's nothing wrong with launching products to a group of raving fans, that’s why large brands build up their lists. Growing brands ideally need multiple marketing touch points with their customers in order to scale quickly. With most giveaway services Amazon has been cracking down on these buyer profiles and there have been numerous cases reported where these buyers can't leave reviews at all anymore. Which means the old methods of marketing new products to the same people is no longer as effective as it once was. Here at ZonRush one of our strongest marketing angles stems from our unique process when ranking products. We use chatbots to funnel in traffic directly from Facebook which is 100% organic. This is quickly becoming a more attractive and a much more sustainable approach to launching Amazon products for years to come.

Reason 4: Facebook Messenger Traffic is Super Cheap -

One of the best things about an Amazon product launch using chatbots is that fact the NO ONE else is doing this. Since this is still a fairly new marketing concept, the engagement is incredibly high and the cost per clicks are the lowest amongst all of the other marketing objectives that Facebook currently offers. On Average, the average CPM (Cost Per Message) is under .50! Our average conversion rate is 50%, meaning for every 2 CPM’s you’ll get 1 sale. To further sum up these figures we get one sale per $1 invested n facebook ads on average. Those conversions astronomical high which make it all the more appealing to use ZonRush to launch and rank your Amazon products.

Reason 5: Amazon Loves Traffic from Facebook -

This practically goes without saying but Amazon really does reward listings that have a proven sales history coming in externally. Though there is no 100% confirmation of this little-known fact, think of it this way. If you’re a business wouldn’t you reward someone from bringing you more customers? You’re essentially helping Amazon further expand their customer base by driving traffic to your listing using social media. It’s a powerful method and Amazon tracks all of this data. We’ve split test this with products that were launched exclusively using external traffic (no Amazon PPC) and they ranked significantly faster than listing that only utilized Amazon PPC.

Reason 6: It’s a Better Customer Experience -

When using any social platform to promote your brand you always have to consider what the customer's experience is like. We have found something very interesting in our plethora of product launch campaigns. Our data shows that customers actually prefer engaging with a brand using messenger compared to standard email outreach. Customers love that they can just go to their messenger inbox and connect with a brand as opposed to going to Amazon or your website find your contact information and send you a message. Which is why using Facebook messenger to grow your Amazon sales is the best place to start as it's quickly becoming the go-to platform for brands and customers.

Reason 7: Saves You Money -

We know that for new a Amazon product launch every dollar counts! You shouldn't have to keep paying monthly recurring subscriptions fees. If you wanted to do this yourself you would have to pay for expensive software's just so you can have the ability to message your list on a monthly basis. At ZonRush we like to keep things simple for you. No landing page, email or chatbot software needed. ZonRush will save you so much time and money, not to mention the opportunity cost of trial and error. Every last dollar should be spent on marketing your products, not for paying more monthly service fees.

Reason 8: Easily Split Test -

We can target multiple keywords and multiple URL’s inside one funnel. Something that makes ZonRush especially unique is that we have some pretty fantastic lead funnels with hundreds of different variables that we can split test for you with absolute ease. If you want to run a promotion using different Super URL’s to your product listing we make it breeze as we're able to rotate your Super URL for you!

Another great tool that we’ll be launching soon (so stay tuned) will basically give you the ability to run a second promotion to the exact same people who have already redeemed your first Amazon coupon offer! Which means if you have a second product coming out soon we’ll actually begin your promotion with the list of customers that have already bought your product. Which makes getting the Amazon frequently bought together feature that much easier as you’ll be getting sales from the same customers.

Reason 9: Astronomical Open & Click-Through Rates -

Whether you're wanting to launch Amazon products using chatbots to rank for keywords you’ll find that we get the best result in the industry. As you can see here the click-through rates and open rates with our proprietary funnel's are short of inconceivable. The results we've been able to yield have been night and day compared to a standard email blast. When engagement is this high it's virtually impossible not to get insane ROI when using ZonRush.

Never before in history has a business been able to connect with customers at such an intimate level. The success of your Amazon business will largely be determined by how effectively you were to close the gap between you and your customers. With chatbots, you’ll be able to quickly bridge that gap.

Unheard of engagement.

We did a recent survey and we were able to determine what features can be improved upon without them leaving a negative review. We simply asked our customers how they liked our product and what could be improved. Since we were able to interact with our customers before they went to leave reviews, we are able to save our listings from potentially negative reviews by addressing the customer complaint right away. This not only helps your Amazon listing from receiving negative reviews but it also strengthens the customer relationship since you took care of their issue.

So a potentially negative customer experience which would've have led to a negative review is now a happy customer! This level of customer service has led to a higher amount of positive Amazon product reviews.

Reason 10: Your Competitors Aren’t Using This Traffic Goldmine -

Last but defiantly not least, is that when you use ZonRush to boost or rank your Amazon products to page one, you are practically guaranteed the best results. While everyone else is still using the same old methods for launching and ranking Amazon products that are no longer effective, you’ll stay light years ahead of the competition by adopting your marketing strategy, fit for the modern world. The businesses that win long-term are those that are never afraid to experiment with new strategies so that they always have a competitive edge. With ZonRush you’ll blast right by your competition on Amazon without looking back! We're the last Amazon product launch service you'll ever have to use!

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