The Ultimate Guide to Amazon Listing Optimization

Updated: Apr 23, 2019

The Ultimate Guide to Amazon Listing Optimization

There is a science to creating an effective and profitable Amazon listing. A fully optimized listing can mean huge profits, more traffic, a higher conversion rate, and overall success as an Amazon seller.

Why Partner With Zonrush?

How do those new to Amazon get the experience and smarts to become full-time sellers who derive all their income from Amazon product sales? One of the first steps to creating an optimized Amazon product listing is having a partnership with Zonrush, the premier Amazon product launch service in existence.

After that, it’s a matter of taking the tools that Zonrush provides, choosing a product to sell, creating an optimized listing, learning about Amazon SEO services offered by Zonrush, and continually adjusting the product listing to maximize your profit margin. Following the Zonrush system and getting pointers from experienced pros is the key to long-term seller success.

Of course, there are steps like product research, choosing the right product to sell, making an effective and optimized product listing, and monitoring the sales results. Sellers who are flexible and willing to adapt their strategies in response to sales feedback are the most successful Amazon sellers.

Let’s take a closer look and dig a bit deeper to see exactly what it takes to get an ideal product listing for the item you have chosen to sell. This is one of the most vital parts of the strategy for Amazon seller success, so we’ll focus on each of the six steps for maximum power when it comes to Amazon listing optimization.

How to Optimize Your Product Listing in Six Steps

Too many people spend too much time sweating over their Amazon products and trying to get the listings “perfect.” Have you ever wondered how much time you take on each product that you have placed for sale on Amazon? Is it an hour for each one, two hours, or more?

Of course, an optimized listing is an essential part of sales success on Amazon, but there’s no need to spend an undue amount of time on the task because you can adjust it any time you need to, before or after launch.

Yes, the product listing is considered the primary part of the entire selling process, even more important than steps like choosing a product and finding effective SEO terms. That’s because if you don’t get the product listing right, no one will find your wonderful item that is for sale. Here are the six key parts of creating an effective, powerful and thus profitable listing of any Amazon product you have chosen.

We’re assuming that up to this point you have taken all the necessary steps with the Zonrush team to make sure you’re on the right path. Getting a smart start and doing all the important tasks in the right order is important too! So, always make sure that you know where you are in the process.

Now, let’s really focus on building the listing and selling like crazy. Here are the steps to follow. There’s no need to memorize them but it helps if you go over them enough that they eventually become second nature. As you create more Amazon products to sell, you’ll be able to arrive at this point and walk through the process of creating an awesome listing. Let’s get started.

Step One: The Title of the Product

Creating the perfect product title is part science, part art. Amazon lets you use about fifty words in your title, which means you’ll have no more than 250 unique characters to work with. That might sound like a lot, but it’s really not. But the key thing to keep in mind is that you should use every bit of space Amazon allows. In other words, don’t skimp on the product title. Use as much of that 250 character limit as possible.

Also note, just as a matter of “rules,” Amazon has different limits for different product categories, so you might be facing a stricter or more lenient limit when it comes time to list your own product’s title.

There are three main parts of the rule for writing perfect product titles. First off, you need to remember that the title should be understandable. That means no long-winded descriptions that might confuse readers and searchers. Yes, Amazon uses bots to scan various product listings and screen them for length and other factors. But when it comes to selling, remember that the buyers of your product are real people who will be reading the title you create. So, make it clear, to the point, and understandable.

Second, it is essential that you put the keywords, especially the targeted ones, into the title. This is where they’ll have the most impact in any case, so be very careful about this step. If your keywords are relevant, that will go a long way toward making a powerful title.

Step Two: Product Features

Here, you have a decent amount of space to deal with, about 250 words to be exact, or 1,000 unique characters. This is the place where you may have noticed successful Amazon sellers including bulleted lists about their products. That’s smart strategy because buyers love bulleted lists. Lists like these offer a quick and easy way for readers and potential customers to grasp what your product is all about. Experts at Zonrush typically recommend that you include somewhere between four and six bullet points for a given product.

Why? It’s because prospective customers and shoppers will look at the top of a bullet list for the most important product features. Have you ever read a review for a new car? Look at the list of features and notice that the manufacturer lists the most crucial items first, like price, gas mileage, warranty length, and others. These are the factors that car buyers want to know about most.

So when you list your product features, make sure to put the important things at the top of the list. Answer the most common questions that customers might ask, like “What will this do for me,” “How much does this cost,” or “How will this make my life better/simpler?” Of course, those questions might not pertain to your product, so be sure to use the questions that fit.

A bullet list is also the ideal place to mention any warranty or guarantees you are offering. State whether the product solves a common consumer issue or problem, say how it can do so, and note whether the product is made of plastic, steel, whatever. People want to know what type of materials have gone into the products they intend to buy.

An image is the first impression that shoppers will get. No matter how well your product title and description are written, it’s that first image that carries a ton of weight for the consumer. Amazon lets you use up to nine different images in each product listing. Be certain to use every one of them. Here are some guidelines from the Zonrush team for taking perfect pictures of your product:

-Aim for pixel width and height of 1,000 by 500 and use high-res photos so that potential customers will be able to use the zoom in/out function on their computers when they want to “inspect” your product more carefully.

-Show packaging. Show the product from various angles. Try to show the product being used by a person. And make sure that your main photo has a simple, all-white background. Try to have at least one image that shows the “actual size” of your product.

-Also, it’s almost always a wise idea to use one infographic that displays your product’s warranty or money-back offer. Consumers like to see money-back information in order to feel at ease about products they have never purchased before.

Step Three: A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Images are an essential part of any product listing. Studies have shown that high-quality images rank as one of the most important factors for consumers who are shopping online. Even casual shoppers for online products want to see a photo of what they might end up buying. It’s human nature and is why you need to be absolutely certain to include several high-quality pictures with each one of your Amazon product listings.

Step Four: The Description of the Product

This is the core of your Amazon listing because it is no longer an “introduction” to the product, or an image of it. This is where you have space to truly describe what it is you are selling. Do not skimp in this area. Be specific. Choose your words carefully.

You have 300 words to use, so it helps to do a bit of story-telling about the product, keep the sentences very short, and explain to potential buyers exactly why they need this thing you are trying to sell to them. Put yourself in their shoes! When you shop online, isn’t it true that you ask yourself, “Why should I buy this?” Well, that’s exactly what shoppers are saying to themselves about your product too.

Step Five: Monitor and read every review

Amazon sellers tend to love their great reviews and ignore the bad ones. Nothing could be more misguided! The good reviews can help you see what people like about your item, but the bad reviews are even more important. They can tell you exactly what you have done wrong, or areas that you need to fix.

If you do your best to follow up on any customer complaints and work hard to deliver a top-quality product, then your reviews will improve. Sometimes it’s tough to get any reviews in the beginning, but it is possible to use your email list and ask for honest customer reviews. This can get the ball rolling and help bring in those first few, crucial reviews.

Suppose a seller leaves a negative review that says, for example, “The product was great but delivery was too slow.” Here’s a key piece of data for you to deal with. Check out your delivery process and see where things might have gone wrong, adjust accordingly and move on to the next issue. This example applies only for sellers who are doing their own delivery.

If a negative review notes that the product did not work, arrived in disarray, or was not what they wanted, you have more information for your mental file. The point is to use any and all negative reviews to make needed adjustments to the product itself, the shipping method, packaging, warranties, or something else. Never let a negative review go to waste.

Step Six: Use the product rating to adapt and change your listing or the product itself

Reviews will affect your product’s overall star rating, which is a key to the Amazon selling system. Try to look for common factors in all the reviews. Are people complaining about a certain feature of the product that needs to be fixed? Are they saying that the price seems too high compared to other, similar products? Or are they simply saying that the product did not arrive on time or packaged properly?

These are all things that can affect your star rating and it is vitally important that you take care of them as quickly as possible. Hopefully, you will have few negative reviews and will be able to adjust for whatever consumers have to say about your Amazon product.

That’s it. You’ve now optimized your Amazon product the right way and at the right time. Zonrush has all the tools necessary for determining whether your listing is going to be a success or will need a bit of adjustment. The Zonrush team has been through this process hundreds of times and has a keen eye for knowing what works and what doesn’t.

Why Do All These Things?

Some people wonder whether all these steps are necessary. The answer is, yes they are. These steps are what many refer to as “best practices” for Amazon listing, which means they have been tried and tested by thousands of users and have been adjusted accordingly. They’re not necessarily set in stone, but for beginners who want to learn the ropes of Amazon selling, it helps to have a set starting point, a place where everyone can go to get the basic building blocks set out in the right order.

So, don’t fret or feel frustrated if you are put off by these steps. Later on, when you are a successful Amazon entrepreneur, you’ll be able to tweak the steps as you need to. This can be done by experienced sellers who have some experience under their belts and understand how to adjust the steps for specific product needs. For now, don’t worry about all that. Just focus on the basic steps and learn how to go through the process of building an Amazon listing that works.

For now, you want to get a good ranking and build up sales slowly. It’s never easy to build a successful business from scratch, but with Zonrush on your side, the process will be clear and effective. And remember, an effective product listing is all about boosting your profits, getting more visits, and turning those visits into sales (converting them).

Amazon has set up its platform with certain parameters in mind. You need to learn what those parameters are so you can stay within the basic guidelines and limitations. One thing that results from excellent listings is excellent feedback. That means positive reviews, which can act as a magnet for more sales, and thus higher profits.

Done with Your Listing? Now Partner With Zonrush for Maximum Profits

Zonrush can help anyone with Amazon listing optimization, Amazon SEO services, Amazon keyword ranking, and more. There’s no reason to try to do everything all on your own. Zonrush can teach anyone how to use the Amazon product launch service for maximum effect. Amazon SEO strategies are just part of the puzzle. Optimizing your listing is another.

Entrepreneurs who want to make a full-time living as Amazon sellers can use the Zonrush package of tools to decide what to sell, calibrate Amazon SEO functions, get the best Amazon keyword ranking, create a perfect listing for any product, and begin a career as a full-time Amazon seller. Zonrush is the place where serious-minded people go when they want to learn every facet of sales success.

That’s because the Zonrush team is much more than an Amazon SEO service that helps with Amazon listing optimization. Zonrush is your partner all along the way, helping you master the whole process of profitable business success. This partnership means Zonrush can teach you how to ramp up external traffic via Facebook ads and smart social media activity.

Contact Zonrush for the Ultimate in Amazon Success

It’s easy to contact the Zonrush team. Their email address is Or if you’d like to get in touch via the website, just check out, and ask your questions on the contact page. The Zonrush headquarters building is located at 3700 Hueco Valley Drive in El Paso, TX, 79938.

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