Amazon Product Research Made Easy - How to Successfully Sell On Amazon FBA

Amazon Product Research Made Easy - How to Successfully Sell On Amazon FBA

Updated: Apr 23, 2019

Have you wondered how everyday consumers are able to make their living selling products on Amazon? Is there some "magic recipe" for success that is only known to a few individuals? The answers to those questions are surprising.

First off, becoming a sales success on Amazon is a realistic goal for anyone, as long as they're willing to follow the right path and get advice from someone who knows the ropes. Doing a bit of Amazon product research to figure out what to sell is a good starting place for most people.

How to do Amazon Product Research

Doing product research on Amazon is simple and fun, but is a crucial step for long-term sales success. It is smart to sell products that you know about, use, and understand. If you're a plumber, it might not be a good idea to sell high-end watches. Maybe plumbing and related supplies would make more sense. That's step one.

Step two of the product research phase involves choosing several items similar to yours that are already listed on Amazon. Are they selling well? Are they dominating their niche? You can find all the vital sales info right on the sales page. Amazon lists it so buyers and other sellers can see how well any given item is ranking.

Always use the Amazon "best sellers" list to find the few products that are ranking high in the category you're interested in. Look for items that are not priced too high. Also stay away from the ones that are bottom-priced.

Next, dig deeper on those few mid-priced items and look at the owners' stores. Study the competition! Make notes about how the shops are set up, what other products they sell, and which items are the best sellers within the store.

These steps will help you get an idea of what's selling, what's selling well, and how the successful marketers are structuring their stores. Keep all this information in mind once you begin to build your own Amazon store.

How to Find a Winning Product

At this point, you've already taken the first step to finding a winning product. That happened when you chose your general area of interest and did basic research on the successful sellers. Here are the next steps for finding the ideal product, for you, to sell on Amazon:

1. Aim to sell lightweight products that will list for more than $10 and less than $70 (at first), don't have too many moving parts, are not "return headaches" that often break and need repair.

2. Try to find product categories and products that you know well enough to possibly make an improvement to. This might mean simply personalizing the item with artistic lettering or adding a small component that makes it more efficient in some way.

3. It will help you in the long-run if you choose a product that you are truly interested in. Otherwise, the endeavor of building a shop and selling will be drudgery.

4. Opt for products that you can either make or purchase inexpensively and mark up about 50 percent or more. For resellers and those who aim to build a private label, this step is vital. You need to have enough "markup room" to make a reasonable profit.

5. Think about selling products that will allow for follow-ups, namely similar items that are part of a niche. This will be of great help when you decide to move on and introduce your second item. Hopefully, it will be in the same category as your first. That way, you won't have to do lots of unique market research next time out.

6. Study the market, with a special eye on your future competitors. Now is the time to decide whether you'll want to go the "private label" route. If that's the case, begin looking for wholesale sellers who are offering bulk discounts.

Helping people build a successful full-time job out of Amazon selling is what Zonrush does every day, all day long. That's because Zonrush, has already assisted serious-minded sellers who want to:

Reach millions of potential buyers via chatbots and Facebook ads Crank up organic sales results Land on page one in search rankings Totally automate the sales process Watch external traffic bring in droves of eager buyers

Where to Begin?

Launch your product today with help from Zonrush. You don't need to become a marketing expert all on your own! Zonrush will show you how to create a targeted Amazon launch strategy, how to efficiently do Amazon product research, how to build an Amazon Private Label line, and how to decide what to sell on Amazon as a full-time occupation.

How Zonrush Can Help You Hit the Ground Running

Zonrush clients get assistance every step of the way. The team’s knowledge base is like a complete Amazon product research guide that shows the fastest way to begin selling products on Amazon. There's no need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to developing a laser-focused Amazon launch strategy because Zonrush has done it thousands of times, and learned to do it exactly right.

Why Smart Sellers Use Zonrush?

Anyone who has ever wanted to achieve success as an Amazon seller knows that it’s tough to go it alone. Using Zonrush as your go-to partner in the pursuit of your goal is the smart thing to do. Not only will Zonrush walk you through the entire process of mastering Amazon’s sales process, the company will show you exactly how to build solid external traffic with the help of chatbots and Facebook ads.

After that, Zonrush will target your optimum customer base and put your product in front of millions of potential customers. Next, Zonrush clients will learn how to use coupons for maximum sales impact. Finally, you’ll learn how to accelerate the entire sales process via optimized ads that will continue, day after day, to drive customers to your door. Smart Amazon product research is the key to successful selling.

What about Results?

Zonrush is the powerful partner you need in order to build strong sales even though you don’t already have any sales history. Once your first keyword ranks, the others will fall into line and begin ranking just like the first one did. The Zonrush team will deliver verifiable results that allow you to catapult your sales numbers even without a single review.

That’s because Amazon is glad to reward you for the external traffic you’re bringing to their site. It’s a “You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours” situation, also known as a “win-win” in the world of Amazon sales.

What is "Amazon Private Label"?

Some sellers already know about private label sales. In short, those are products that sellers purchase from wholesalers, re-label, store at Amazon’s warehouse, and sell under their own private brand-name. You’ve probably seen hundreds of these and not realized that they’re private label goods.

The point is, Zonrush shows its clients how to create Amazon Private Label products that can bring in ongoing income and help you create your own brand identity. Knowing what to sell on Amazon is just as important as knowing how to sell on Amazon.

What about Launching, Prices and Traffic?

While Amazon product research is probably the real first step that a client takes, there are three other key areas for sellers to understand.

One: The launch process begins with Zonrush driving traffic to your personal listings on Amazon in order to create the most profitable results. Zonrush does this by using Facebook ads to bring in buyers who respond to the promotional campaign that features giveaways and discounts.

After that phase begins, the Zonrush team guides each client through the process as the campaign plays out and starts delivering customers to your door.

Two: The traffic itself is all derived from Facebook viewers, millions of them. Within the Facebook universe there are thousands of diverse interest circles, cliques, clubs, societies, friendship groupings, and people with common interests.

Zonrush targets the groups that are most likely to become your customers. Anyone who redeems the offer has already shown a desire for your product. After that, it’s time to convert them into repeat, loyal buyers.

Three: Pricing your product in the initial phase is a crucial part of the process. It’s usually a smart move to undersell the competition by enough to set yourself apart, but no so much that you lose money. However, sometimes it makes sense to take small losses on super-low prices to get people into your shop.

That helps create “organic” sales. At the early phase of the campaign, those organic customers will help your rank. Later on, once the launch phase is complete, it makes sense to bring prices back up again.

Sellers don’t necessarily need tons of reviews during the launch phase, even though it won’t hurt to have a few. The Zonrush team has launched hundreds of products that didn’t have a single review. That’s because the discount and giveaway offers are enough to bring in organic traffic. Those early customers aren’t so interested in your review history as they are in getting the discount or giveaway.

What Should You Do Before Product Launch?

That’s a great question, because it is a crucial part of the success formula. Before Zonrush launches products, the company suggests that clients carefully optimize their product listings. That means having the very best, clearest images, having concise written content in the listing, and including a clearly marked price. It’s also wise to include your main keywords within the listing’s title as this will help with ranking and make for a smoother launch.

When it comes to creating the right claim codes, sellers should head over to Amazon Seller Central and make sure they use “one redemption per customer” and “single-use claim code” selections. In addition, make sure to opt for “exclusive” under the “claim code combinability” heading.

Those are small but crucial details that sellers should know about before launch date. After that, Zonrush does the rest as far as making sure that the buyers arrive and are eager to redeem their offers. That’s what organic sales are all about, and Zonrush knows how to get the job done.

Launch Your New Career Today

Getting in touch with Zonrush is simple. The direct email address is You can also get hold of them at their website,, by leaving a message on the contact page. The company headquarters is located at 3700 Hueco Valley Drive in El Paso, TX, 79938.

Why Wait? Zonrush is the premier Amazon launch service that has the power to place just about any product on page one based on any of thousands of keywords. Why start from scratch and try to do it all on your own when someone else (Zonrush) has already blazed the trail? Learn how to sell on Amazon and earn your primary income doing so.

Start Selling Tomorrow

Why not use the world's most efficient and successful Amazon launch and ranking service in existence to reach your goals? Hook up with Zonrush today and begin your new career with a bang. Let the Zonrush Amazon product research guide you through the FBA product launch phase.


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