How does the launch process work?

We will drive external traffic to your Amazon listings and ensure optimal results. We run a discounted promotional giveaway using Facebook Ads to increase keyword ranking on Amazon. Our experts will monitor the campaigns and guide you along each step of the process. 

Where does the traffic come from?

From real targeted buyers on Facebook! There are literally tens of thousands of different audience interests on Facebook we target for you. The people who redeem your offer genuinely want your product and will basically demand that you take their money!

What price should I set for the launch?

Ideally, you should drop your price to below your competition. Most Amazon sellers set prices to break even, or even below that, at launch. During the launch, you want as many organic sales as possible. After the launch, once you are ranking, you can slowly increase the prices to profitable levels.

Do I need


Ideally, you should have a few reviews. But if you don’t - don’t worry. We launch plenty of products with zero reviews.​

What should I do before the launch?

Before the launch with ZonRush, you need to make sure your listing is fully-optimized from head to toe. Meaning highly quality images, price, copywriting and keywords. The keywords in the title are especially important.​

Where do you generate single-use discount claim-codes in Amazon Seller Central?

In Amazon Seller Central go to Advertising -> Promotions -> Percentage Off. Make sure you use single-use claim codes and not group codes. Also, make sure you picked one redemption per customer option and your Claim Code Combinability should be Exclusive.

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