Automate your sales by harnessing the power of Facebook Chatbots. We bring the traffic, you make the sales, it's that simple. ZonRush is one of highest rated Facebook ad service's for Amazon sellers.






Launch Your Products On Every Amazon Marketplace

Reach millions of customers from the US, UK, Canada, Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and other Amazon marketplaces with the most trusted Amazon launch service available. Get sales for your products flowing right away, increasing keyword rank and visibility with a ZonRush Amazon product launch campaign.


Before the Amazon product launch, we verify keyword opportunities and ensure your listing is totally optimized.


We'll market your product with advanced chatbot funnels to millions of buyers on Facebook.


The key to staying ranked is how well your listing converts. We'll advise on the best price point during the launch.


The launch is your rocket booster. After that initial push, your listing's organic sales will hold your rank so you can slowly increase your price point and dominate. 

Facebook Ad Performance Snapshot

On average ZonRush can generate 150-300 sales with only $250 - $500 in Facebook ad spend using a 40-80% off discount.


We are the only Amazon product launch service that leverage chatbots using Facebook Ads . You don’t have to worry about paying recurring monthly fees for chatbot & email software's, landing pages, copywriting or ad creatives. We do all of that for you and are your one stop shop! 


We save you countless hours as we already know which funnels, audiences, copy and creatives work the absolute best for just about every niche. We’ve launched hundreds of products on Amazon and have all the data! Learning how to copy-write, design creatives using all these software's and doing it yourself can be costly, and time-intensive which for new Amazon products time is of the essence. 


Our Amazon Launch service is completely hands-free so you can focus on growing your business. We bring the customers, you get the sale, it’s that simple. With ZonRush you’ll have peace of mind knowing your Amazon prouct launch is in the hands of experts!



Why ZonRush's Service Is Un-Rivaled

Drive Unlimited Sales 24/7

With each package, you are able to use as many coupons as you need to achieve success! Save money on larger promotions!

Laser-Targeted Keywords

Keyword ranking is our top priority, as top keyword positioning will ultimately bring you an influx of organic sales.

Traffic from Facebook Ads

We are the only Amazon launch service that promotes your products to real organic buyers using Facebook ads. We don't promote your product on any deal site! 

More Products = More Savings

The more products your launch with ZonRush the more money you save! We make sure to take care of our clients for the long-term.

Advanced Optimization "Smart Launch"

Our team of launch experts will optimize your discount percentage for optimal results. This will increase your sales velocity while lowering your cost.

Safeguard Your Account

Protect your Amazon account from hi-jackers! Most other services promote your products to buyers that will buy your product at a deep discount, only to RE-SELL the item on your listing for a profit!

Automated Sales

Your launch is 100% automated by our experts. You won't have to do a thing but hit the refresh button on your Amazon sales dashboard!

Expert Launch Guidance

If you're unsure about the actual launch process, rest assured we are with you every step of the way. We make sure that your product is positioned as strongly as possible.


Do I have to pay for the actual Facebook ad cost?

Yes, since ZonRush is a Facebook ad service for Amazon sellers, you'd still be responsible for the actual Facebook ad cost.

What makes ZonRush different than other launch services?

ZonRush is ultra effective because we put your products in front of people who actually want to buy it. We're not a discount deal site like most other services. All of the sales we generate come exclusively from Facebook ads. This also protects your account from potential "hi-jackers."

Will I get reviews from ZonRush's Amazon product launch service?

Yes, Amazon has blocked reviews coming from customers who are subscribed to most deal sites that other product launch services use. Since we use 1000's of unique Facebook audiences, even if a customer buyers your product at a deep discount they'll still be able to leave un-verified reviews.

Will you collect customer emails for me?

We try and keep the customer experience super simple. Conversion rates decrease when there is too much friction for customers, therefore we don't collect emails in exchange for coupons and we don't use landing pages. 

How many sales can I expect using ZonRush?

We will help you determine the giveaway total once you begin our on-boarding process. On average ZonRush can generate 150-300 sales with only $300 in Facebook ad spend, using an 80% off discount. Since we've launched over 600 products for Amazon sellers exclusively using Facebook ads, we know what works on what doesn't, therefore, we are able to bring an influx of sales to Amazon sellers at the lowest cost possible.

What exactly does ZonRush do?

What we do is fairly straight-forward, we drive targeted sales traffic to your Amazon listings using Facebook ads, exclusively. We use Facebook chatbots as it's an interactive sales process which engages customers and dramatically increases conversions.

Is this safe and within Amazon TOS?

Yes, since we're essentially just a Facebook ad service, Amazon actually encourages sellers to drive external traffic to their listings!

What will I need to get started?

The only thing you'll need is an actual Facebook ad account which you can easily make in minutes. You won't need a Facebook page or anything else as we use ours.

What countries do ZonRush launches support?

We offer our Amazon launch service in all marketplaces. (US, CA, UK, IT, FR, ES, DE, AUS, JP, MX) Translations are included at no additional cost.

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