Amazon Listing Optimization

Turn more sessions into sales. Our team consists of expert listing copywriters and Amazon SEO masters. Helping sellers create professional product listings optimized for maximum keyword exposure to accelerate ranking & conversions.

We make sure your Amazon product listing is fully optimized. We cover enhanced brand content, title SEO, product description, bullet points, front-end keywords & backend keywords. Our expert copy-writers have written hundreds of listings. Amazon listing optimization is key to your long-term success as you need traffic to convert into sales. Keyword placement and organic reach on Amazon is largely determined by the structure of your entire product listing.


ZonRush will reverse engineer your top competitor's listings & extract all relevant data. We then model a similar listing combination rich with keywords.  


We thoroughly research and discover the best keywords that have high volume & low competition. These keywords are both short and long tail. 



Once we all the data we begin our listing creation process. This includes backend keywords, title, bullet point arrangement, and description. 

Amazon Listing Optimization


Once your Amazon listing optimization is finished once you launch, you make it easier for customers to find your product. All optimized components need to work harmoniously together in order to maximize your conversion of visitors into customers.


And that is exactly what Amazon wants you to do. They want the highest percentage of visitors they send to you to become customers…and to buy as many things from you (and other sellers) as possible. Optimizing your listing so it increases your conversion rate is our number one priority.


Ultimately the bottom line is to get organic sales on Amazon to pour in. Once you've launched your product the listing optimization will turbo charge your organic keyword ranking on Amazon. Which then leads to more and more traffic which increases your sales/revenue. Assuming you receive the same amount of traffic, a higher conversion rate leads to more sales.


More sales lead to more traffic and more traffic leads to more sales. Amazon literally rewards listings that convert better with more visitors. Getting this metric right can have a huge impact on your business.

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Q. What's the process?

Our copywriting team does not need to see your product in person, however, please provide as much product information as possible in your sign-up. Once you complete your sign up, your listing is assigned to one of our expert listing specialists, who will reach out if they have additional questions about your product. Listing optimizations are delivered via email no later than 5 business days after your chosen start date, and include an optimized product title, 5 bullet points, a product description and backend search terms. Content uploading to Seller Central is not part of the process. Clients must copy and paste the provided content to their own account.

Q Why don’t I just write my own product listing with Keyword Research?

Great question. If your listing was just keywords, you could easily use Keyword Research to write it… but it’s not that easy. We wish it were. A listing is a combination of the right keywords targeting both Amazon SEO and human language that informs and converts Amazon shoppers. We are sure you are intelligent and competent enough to write decent copy, but decent copy does not work in the ultra competitive market Amazon is today. The experience and skill of our experts saves you time and allows you to employ an industry leading product listing, which is necessary to getting ahead of the competition.

Q Do you need access to my Amazon account?

No, we don't need access to your Amazon seller central account. We do everything externally for you. All you have to do is copy in paste the Amazon listing optimization data.

Q. How do you know which keywords to target?

We determine the most relevant keywords for your product using comprehensive keyword tools, keyword research, and additional product, market, and competitor research.

Q What countries does ZonRush offer listing optimization services and are translations included?

We offer Amazon listing optimization services in all European marketplaces and yes, translations are included at no additional cost. (US, CA, UK, IT, FR, ES, DE, AUS) 

Q Do I need a separate package for each variation?

Variations are assessed on a case-by-case basis. Depending on the nature of the variation and how many exist, you may only need one package. Please contact us at for variation-related questions.

Q How long does it take?

Listing optimizations are delivered to you no later than 8 business days after your chosen start date. It takes time for us to write an amazing listing for you.

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